Heather Greene

Rule Breaker. Icebreaker. Author. Speaker.

How I Inspire

I bring people together by sharing my love and appreciation for fine spirits. This traditionally male-dominated arena has changed around me over the past decade: Today women make up 37% of the red-hot spirits market. I've watched my audience grow from a handful of men to packed houses with diverse imbibers of both sexes, all waiting to hear my story of how I began in this industry and rose to the top of it with my own books, tv appearances and productions, and a smattering of awards. It wasn't always easy. In fact a lot of it was downright tough. I had plenty of naysayers along the way. 

And Yet.

I knew that women probably invented distillation. I've worked with scientists who've known for a century that women nose and taste better than men. Our diverse cultural backgrounds - where and how we grew up - influence how we perceive the world through smell and taste too. From that seed, it turns out that a lot of places I thought were off -limits should be open game. Today I make a living as an author, writer, photographer, and producer. 

As it turns out, a seat at the table was always my rightful place. 

Pull up a chair. There's a spot for you, too.


Heather Greene is a world-leading spirits expert, one of American media’s favorite “go-to” thinker on the topic of spirits, and the author of Whiskey Distilled, A Populist Guide to the Water of Life on Viking Studio, an imprint of Random House Penguin. She was The Director of Whiskey Education and sommelier at The Flatiron Room in Manhattan from 2012-2014 where her classes sold out regularly. She was an award-winning ambassador when she worked for Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch, and was the first American Woman to Serve on the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh. She is a celebrated writer who inspires new imbibers -- her book was shortlisted in the New York Times as well as being selected by Tales of the Cocktail as one of the ten best spirits books of the year. She is a contributor to the upcoming Oxford Companion of Spirits, She is also certified by France's Bureau National International Professionnel Du Cognac as one of the few who hold a Cognac Educators Foundation Diploma in the United States.

Heather travels extensively throughout the world teaching and consulting, and will release her second spirits book W.W. Norton in 2019. In addition to her work in Eater, CNBC, Town and Country, and Daily Beast, she appears nationally on media outlets such as CBS This Morning, Bloomberg News, Fox, The Food Network, and MSNBC. She is also a passionate speaker most recently serving as the keynote for the Women's Leadership Council in Washington, D.C. She has been widely recognized as one of the leading woman pioneers in America's spirit renaissance, as featured in Fred Minnick's book, "Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of how Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch and Irish Whiskey." 

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