The Eater National Column

Each month, I write on a different whiskey topic for Eater National.  I tackle irreverent topics, and often take views other’s don’t.  Here they are in one place for easy access: 

Why It’s Time to Take the Mint Julep Seriously!  Mint Juleps aren’t just for Derby Day anymore!  check out how to make your own and wow your friends. Learn a bit about the beauty of mint, too. 

Japanese Whisky Got A Lot Of Hype, But Can One Bottle Really Be The Best?  In this article, I disagree with the concept of a best whiskey.  It’s also a great primer on Japanese whisky and its recent surge in popularity. 

Why Johnnie Walker Doesn’t Deserve its Bad Rap: Johnnie Walker is the best selling Scotch in the world. I get so many questions from you all about the brand, I thought it deserved its own piece

How Does Jack Daniels’ Hold Up As A Burger Condiment? Because who doesn’t like Hamburgers? And also, I enlisted some amazing experts to judge a few whiskey sauces. Find out what’s the best one to use.

Whiskey-Drinking Women Get Stereotyped. What if Men Did Too? This column was the most widely distributed of all the Eater columns so far – obviously this is something that get’s people all riled-up. 

Why LA is Maybe the WORST Place to Make Whiskey!  Headed to LA?  Check out the one distillery operating there, and find out why the state lags behind others in the craft spirit explosion

Five Excellent Reasons you Don’t Need Pappy Van Winkle:  This will make you feel better about not getting your hands on a bottle. 

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