Let Me Inspire You.

I have a very good story to tell you over cocktails. See Below.

Tasting/Talk Themes:

  • Luxury Malts
  • Cognac
  • Armagnac
  • Gin
  • The American Whiskey Experience
  • Craft Focus
  • Cocktail Making
  • World Whisk(e)y Flights
  • Paired Dinners
  • Chocolate and Cheese/ Whisk(ey) Events
  • Aromatics Class
  • Bourbon Breakdown
  • Japanese Spirit Class
  • Entrepreneurial/Business themes
  • Marketing, Consumer Engagement Consult
  • Hospitality training: Bars, restaurants, hotel staff
  • Classic Cocktail Class


Heather is a renegade, rule-breaker, and fighter. She counts the following experiences as notches under her belt as one of the few women pioneers in the spirits industry:

Being trolled

Being told "no" over and over again

Lots of corporate rejection: "We don't hire women"

Being used as a token


Getting up again


I bring people together by sharing my love and appreciation for fine spirits. This traditionally male-dominated arena has changed around me over the past decade: Today women make up 37% of the red-hot spirits market. I've watched my audience grow from a handful of men to packed houses with diverse imbibers of both sexes, all waiting to hear my story of how I began in this industry and rose to the top of it with my own books, tv appearances and productions, and a smattering of awards. It wasn't always easy. In fact a lot of it was downright tough. I had plenty of naysayers along the way.

And Yet.

I knew that women probably invented distillation. I've worked with scientists who've known for a century that women nose and taste better than men. Our diverse cultural backgrounds - where and how we grew up - influence how we perceive the world through smell and taste too. From that seed, it turns out that a lot of places I thought were off -limits should be open game. Today I make a living as an author, writer, photographer, and producer.

As it turns out, a seat at the table was always my rightful place.

Pull up a chair. There's a spot for you, too.

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